1981 UFO in San Antonio, Texas

I know for a personal fact that UFOs are real. And that’s because back around 1981 when I was living on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas, I was beamed out of my bed at lightening speed straight onto one! (I’ve since learned that the technology is called “quantum teleportation.”) The whole event didn’t take more than 5-seconds, I’m sure. I found myself standing in front of a TV-type of monitor and in the picture was the earth below at around 5,000 feet. There was a thin layer of clouds between where I was standing and the earth, which showed a few scattered lights from buildings and streets. There’s too much more to say about it, but’ll I’ll just say that as I stood looking at the simple scene, a man’s voice behind me said in crystal clear English: The entire north American continent is becoming mechanized. The instant he finished saying those words, I was shot back down to my bed! And as God is my judge, I’m NOT lying.

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