2 beings flying in transparent balls

I saw the strangest things several years ago: Mid-afternoon / broad daylight! There were these 2 large transparent balls (about 10 ft across) with a large alien looking gray being sat in each and a kind of energy field coming from an area behind where they sat in their orbs. These balls glided effortlessly straight past the top of our house about 20 ft above the roof top. They made a faint noise (can’t describe it) and I called for my husband to see them but he didn’t get there in time…

and he still doesn’t believe me. I was terrified! They didn’t look at me and it was as though they knew what they were doing and I was of no matter. We have had lightening balls come down our street before (someone even wrote about it in a book) but these were not lightening balls. It was real as real can get.

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