2 Black Triangles and Missing Time

I went to live, for a year, on the east coast right after university. I stayed out in the country on a private farm and worked nights. I had 2 roommates and we lived in the guest house on 20 acres. We were nestled in between two low level hills .. in a valley. No neighbors for 5 miles or so.

As i was leaving for work at dusk…I walked out on the porch and there were 2 triangle shape ships (not sure what to call them)…they were hovering just above the tree lines. No sound. Just hovering directly across from each other. I froze and called for my roommate. She walked out and was like “holy $#i+”!. Crazy thing is we lost about 30 minutes of time and couldn’t recall how they vanished from our sight.

I know its a crazy story …but its true . I hardly think about it anymore. This was 15 years ago and i was obsessed with UFOs for about 3 years after….but then the interest just faded because people just don’t get it…if it didn’t happen to them. So…i never speak of it anymore … -SS

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