2 fighters scrambled to intercept UFO

40 yrs ago I was based on a highly secure military site. Our radar picked up something entering our restricted airspace. 2 fighters were scrambled to intercept. It was tracked on ground/aircraft radar. Pilots got a visual, a bright white ‘object’. Pilots ordered to close on it, force it down. It played tag with them, making 90 degree turns at 1000 mph without slowing. Pilots order to shoot it down. When they armed onboard weapons it made one final 90 degree turn, straight up, and we tracked it on radar leaving our coverage area. It disappeared into space. Estimated speed when we lost it in access of 10,000 mph. It was all recorded on ground/aircraft radar tapes and aircraft gun cameras. I was there and nobody had any idea what it was. Command strongly suggested that everyone forget about it. Can anyone identify for me what we saw and recorded? Was it ours? Theirs? Whose?

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