2 medicine ball sized Orbs hovering

I witnessed “two spherical orbs” hovering over the roof of the building I live in. It lasted about 30 seconds and though I had a video camera with me, I’d just bought it through eBay and was in the garden trying to work out manual settings on it. I couldn’t set it up quickly enough to get a shot.

Anyway it was a sunny clear day, the sun behind me and them in front of me so very vivid. They were silent and came in from the right, first one, then another. They hovered for about 15-20 seconds and then together they vanished right (the way they arrived) in a second, almost silently with just a whisper of sound like wind. I estimate their size at about the dimensions of a large medicine ball.

I’m very rational and sceptical but I know what I saw. I drew what I’d seen. It seems daft and I can’t explain it. YBS

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