2 OBE’s into the Astral

Iv’e had 2 OBE’s that I can recall. Well ten years ago I had two separate experiences. These both happened while asleep where I was basically levitating about three feet above my bed straight horizontal like I was on a board, but nothing there just me in the air. I knew where I was and knew I was asleep, but I could not wake myself up, and I couldnt move, and I kept telling myself to wake up, I was guessing but it seemed like an entity that wanted to be inside my body, although I never saw or heard it. I cursed it and called it the devil and asked God to wake me, and after about a minute, boom, I was wide awake on my bed, there was not material movements, the bed didnt move when I came back down, it was more of a dream, but I just layed there and listened to my wife sleeping, all seemed well, it didn’t wake her.

It happened twice, and one time it felt like something was in my mind like something from the astral was trying to come to my world and I awoke and it left immediately but not without making me make a deep grunting snapping evil sound like it was #$%$ off and that awoke me up from a relaxed state. I prayed about it and asked God to protect me, and since then things have been normal although it took a few days it seems. I cant prove it but I think people that arent that close to God have a better chance to run into these situations. I never told anyone not even my wife, just figured everyone would think I was crazy and I her of all people need to know that I am not.

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