2 Orange & Red UFOs May 2013

In may 2013 We saw 2 red/orange lights about cloud level, and they were much larger than a lantern. I am southwest of the city and they were moving northeast. I am not one who usually believes in “UFO’s” but i dont know what they were. They disappeared into the clouds after we watched them for about 2 minutes. At first we thought they were planes, but there were no flashing lights, they were lower than most planes, they were circular, and there were 2 of them – one following directly behind the other. Since they were not coming from the city, and I am pretty sure they were not lanterns, does anyone have any other explanations??

Ill admit, my first thought was a chinese lantern. But these didnt look like lanterns ive seen/lit off myself in the past. And how would these Chinese lanterns made it across the country?…I guess calls everywhere could’ve been that but why the sudden thought this year that they’re UFOs when people light them all the time.

Saw it again last night in wicker park and this is when I realized it couldn’t be Chinese lanterns. This time there were 2…one light appeared to “wait” for the other to catch up (about a minute, stationary in 1 spot…not possible of a Chinese lantern) then the objects touched for about 20 seconds and then drifted a bit & both continued to travel northwest, and seemed to travel upwards/higher as well.

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