2 UFO sightings in my life

There have been things I have seen in my lifetime which I have no rational answer. Among them are two occasions where I witnessed a ufo. I was out exercising the GSD I had at the time. She was a failed police dog, and was afraid of nothing. She suddenly stopped, crouched down and whimpered. I looked at my watch, which was one with the red lit up numbers. That was flashing on and off. I felt a tingling sensation on my skin, looked up, and there was a large black object overhead. The shape resembled the sole plate pf an iron. It suddenly shot off in a Westerly direction, then went straight up. The dog and I bolted for home. My husband said, as I came in, “my new watch is a dud. It started flashing on and off”.
I did not report this incident. Other people had been ridiculed for reporting incidents.

The 2nd incident was a few years later, and involved a well lit object hovering over the back hill. I thought it was a police helicopter from the size, but there was no sound. The young GSD I had then crouched, whimpered and bolted indoors. The thing landed behind the trees and I could see a blue glow. Again my skin tingled. It took off, and I expected it to level off, but it kept rising until it disappeared from view. I didn’t report that one either.
Then I was young and feared ridicule. Now I’m old enough not to give a d*mn if people do think I’m a Fruit Loop.

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