2 UFO’s near Sedona, AZ on 89A towards Jerome State Park in 1997

In december 1997 on 89A going towards Jerome State Park not far from Sedona in Arizona. What I saw 2 aerial phenomenon we call UFOs. I witnessd what was very clearly two dullish white discs, with no flashing lights and they were totally silent. They moved from left to right across the sky, zig zagging and “leaping” across the sky. They moved as if weightless. They lept in huge arcs up then down so quickly it was hard to keep focus on them. I also saw clearly that as one of them passed below a cloud, it lit the cloud up a deep golden orange colour as if the object was surrounded by an orange mist. Then it was gone. No fancy light show on the exit.

Interestingly this was same year similiar objects were seen by thousands in Phoenix Arizona. It was year of comet hale bopp/heavens gate also. I’d never seen anything like this before and I’ve never seen anything since. I understand the skeptics because before this I was one too. But I know these things exist whatever they are and that there is a clear gap in technologies between us and whatever fly those.

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