2 unexplained mysteries as a young boy

As a young boy at the age of 9 or 10 yrs old two rather unexplained mysteries in memory come to mind,

1) my sister would not allow me to accompany her on our street corner\’s dead end where we lived a few miles from down town L.A. So one day after being upset I went to sleep and to my surprise I seen myself drifting up towards the ceiling of my room as I look down at myself sleeping, I went through the roof of my room and could see the street corner where my sister and her friends gathered and watched from a hovering position. That next morning on a sunday my father asked my sister who was up on the street last night? my sister wasn\’t allowed to associate with some people at the time, and I mentioned all who were in attendance down to there attire and to my sisters amazement, she said how could you know who was there you were asleep? I was able to do this a few times and then I decided to travel a few miles over a hill I was not familiar with. I was not abl! e from that point on to \”Fly\” again.

2) At around the same age I would dream of a huge round ball that would roll towards me and right when it was ready to run me over I would wake up, this ball was solid and covered the entire room from wall to wall? anyone else have this type of Flying experience? or had a round ball try to roll over them?

Manny Castro

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