2 white discs in December 1997

I saw some thing december 1997 over gloucester: two white circular discs totally silent moving erratically left to right. They dipped and rose, zig zagging slowing and accelerating erratically occasionally “leaping” in a wide arc across the sky at incredible acceleration. It was 6am and dark and the objects glowed white but not especially brightly. They would decelerate, then accelerate at unbelievable speed, “leap frogging” across the sky so fast i had trouble keeping my eyes focussed on them. They gave the impression of weightlessness. The object furthest away entered a small cloud or behind it and a “halo” of deep, golden-orange “mist” lit up the cloud briefly silhoutting the object as a large, black disc. There was no noise whatsoever coming from the objects and no flashing lights on them. Shortly after, they reappeared low in the sky, side by side & flat diamond shaped. They now looked greyish-silver in colour. The right object was quivering rapidly like a jelly then shot down & round to the right, then shot up vertically into the sky & disappeared – followed the same by the second object.

I reported this to our local paper. Ive no idea what they were but they were definitely disc shaped made no noise and moved as if they were weightless. These things are real whatever they are

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