September 2006 Southern Colorado UFO

September 2006 I’m on a Muzzleloader Elk hunt in Southern Colorado. Stunningly beautiful day in the Rockies; about 13:30 and not a cloud in the sky. Clean crisp air. To the Southeast I see a bright silver lozenge shaped object; so bright it’s hard to look at. it’s moving East to West; rapidly. Altitude would only be a guess but maybe 15,000 AGL. It’s hauling. No sound, no contrail; nothing. I tired to get my bino’s on it but it was so fast I couldn’t track it. It went horizon-to-horizon in about 12 seconds. What was it…no clue. I’ve been in the Aviation industry for over 30 years. Ive been on programs that would give you goose bumps. I usually know what I’m looking at. Not that day.

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