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UFO with sparks coming from it Liverpool, England New Years 1978

I, too, saw an event from my front door in Liverpool New Years Eve 1978 (1979) along with two friends who had called around to wish me ‘Happy New Year’ ahead of time. The object was heading very roughly towards … Continue reading

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I could not move and then saw it above me

A few years ago I had an incident. I had a terrifying experience. I was asleep. Then I awoke. I was in a paralyzed state unable to move. I was screaming in my head but no sound would come out. … Continue reading

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UFO sighting above Harlow 2-25-16

OK, here goes, i was driving to work that morning, and i too saw those 3 lights in the sky over the M11/M25 area, the lights were just hanging there, at first you think, its a plane turning on its … Continue reading

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UFO Sighting Winter 1991

Me and my beloved, in 1991, watched an object at great height on a crisp, winters evening. It was basically a white, intense dot. Me being RAF in those days, I dismissed her enquiry with “it’ll be a jet from … Continue reading