3 Amber Orbs June 2014

Three years ago in June, two amber orbs appeared over the house where I live on the south coast. I was in the garden messing with a video camera I ‘d just bought on eBay, trying to figure out its settings.

They arrived at speed and stopped dead and hovered just as if floating on water gently bobbing. They were not big, each about 2.5ft across. It was brilliant sunshine and I only saw them because I was facing the building when they arrived. One arrived, then the other. They were silent and hovering over the ridge of the roof for no more than 35 seconds!

I was too stunned to do anything with the camera, not wanting to miss anything. Then as quickly and silently as they came, they left horizontally disappearing so fast – in a second they were gone, I saw the direction in which they went but they were gone with just a quiet “hisssssssk!” sound. I still don’t know what I saw and seriously, I make light of it.

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