3 Slender figures in low flying UFO

I once saw three figures in what looked like a 30 foot tall by 1/2 mile long rectangular object, not sure how wide it was because it was too close to tell. It made absolutely no noise, even being 100 feet away from me about 50 feet off the ground. It might have been a triangle it’s hard to be certain, it was hard to tell because it was so close to me and just so emence, it might have been a mile long, I could not see the end of it. It did not make a sound, there was no wind and I turned off my car and got out, nothing, not a peep.

An interior light turned on inside illuminating them and they were looking out at me. The odd part was the light was a pure white, nothing like i have ever seen. Could not tell how tall they were, the two on the ends were taller than the one in the middle and they were thin, but they seemed tall. The color was such a pure even white inside, even today’s lights are not even close to that color white. Once I saw this light get brighter I got the hell out of there, scared me to death. Never forget it, I’m only telling my sighting because of this websites anonymity.

It’s burned into my memory and my ex wife who was with me at the time. Don’t know if it’s aliens or time travel or something super top top secret, all I know is I saw something and it changed my thinking on life. -Steve

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