7 red lights

I remember years ago (29 to be precise) I was sitting on my front garden wall waiting for a driving lesson. It was a dark by then and I was gazing up at the stars. Suddenly 7 smallish red lights started to dance across the sky. I watched them for a few minutes and then they all came together really fast and shot off in all directions and were gone. No way were they aircraft that we had at the time and laser beams were not around for common use so what did I see? They were about the same size as the stars around them. I live near Southend Airport but these lights had nothing to do with that as far as I could tell as I have never seen this since. I have told many people this over the years and 2 of them have told me they have also seen red light darting about the sky (again years ago) in different parts of the country. Not saying definitely was a UFO but cannot find any explanation. Comets etc would not have acted like that they would shoot straight across.

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