drunk night

One night a long time back when I was around 17 my friends and I got a case of beer and a 1/5th of yager and went to an elementary school playground in our neighborhood. Out of the case of coors I was putting down the most brew than any of my boys. I would take pulls of the Jack in between beers and pass it around between the 5 of us. It was about 1:30am and we were all completely trashed off this pisswater beer and with the assistance of Mr. Daniels as well. I remember we were making fun of one of our mutual friends who had a lazy eye and I can’t remember what was said but we laughed hysterically until it brought us to our knees and to a crawl. I felt the sharp feeling of fullness in my bladder and I trickled in my shorts a bit when laughing but ignored it. Having to relieve this stress I murmered “I’m taking third.” And proceded to cut across the field to third skipping the other 2 bases. When I got on the base I casually whipped out my hose and began a nice slow and lengthy piss. I thought to myself this was going to be a long one. Putting my hands on my hips I leaned back and relaxed hearing the ambient sound of crickets and the cars on the freeway. I continued making my puddle in the dirt when I heard feet smacking the ground behind me and my friend spears me as hard as I have ever been hit in my life falling peckerdown into the ground with my left shoulder landing in the wet dirt where I was just peeing. All I hear him exclaim as my crippled limp body lays there continuing to let out spurts of piss was “Da Bears win!! It’s a touchdown folks! We’re going to Disney baby!” Needless to say he scuffed up my penis and coinpurse. He sacked me on my sack. I needed an all new change of clothes.

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