A ghost of an old comrade

The following story I am about to tell you is true and something I and my co-worker both experienced personally very recently in September 2013. It was an ordinary day at work. I was making my regular rounds about the facility and it was a quiet day with nothing out of the ordinary going on. Very few employees were at work as it was a Sunday. Walking down the long empty corridors I reach the final hallway I must walk down to get back to my office. About 300+ feet down the hallway I see a shorter man about 5’6″ with blond hair and a goatee standing at the office window that is to the left at the end of this particular hallway. It was Georgiy. He was a former manager of the cleaning company the services the large campus I work on. One unmistakable thing about Mr. Georgiy is that he always would wear strong cologne to work. He would consistently over-do it as you might say. Sometimes I would come in to work and smell his cologne in the hallways and know he was here even if I didn’t catch him that day and mind you this is a very large complex. Well when this guy used to work here, I would usually see him at the window checking out keys from the office to access areas he needed to check on. He would always be wearing a nice suit and slacks with these pins on the left breast of his suit. I don’t know if they were military pins from when he served in Russia or if they were company pins from years of dedicated service.

That is besides the point but seeing him here was curious due to him being gone for several months, but not that unusual as employees sometimes leave and come back and get rehired later on here. So as I got about halfway down the hallway our eyes met and he quickly turned his back to me and went around the corner and I caught a glimpse of his trademark pins on his tan suit as he exited. As I walked up to the door to my office before you reach the walkup window he was standing at, I smelled a whiff of some bottom shelf cologne. Entering the office I turned to my two co-workers sitting at the desk and said “Ol’ Georgiy is back, uh?” and they both looked at me and said “Uhhhh… What?” Thinking maybe they hadn’t spoke with him and he was just kind of walking through I shrugged it off.

So here’s where it gets interesting. One day at work on another slow Sunday I speak with one of the guys who works for the cleaning company for the facility. We can just call him Franco. Somehow Georgiy comes up as the subject of our conversation. He asks me if I remember him and I respond yes. He goes on to tell me that when Georgiy left the company many months ago he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He was discharged and told there was nothing they could do for him at the hospital. He was apparently evicted from his place and the land lords placed his belongings in storage or had gotten rid of them. He basically became homeless, but an old friend took him in and let him stay. Shortly after one night Georgi told the (friend that let him stay) he was going out for a walk. The friend told Georgiy it was not a good idea but he insisted he would be ok. That next morning the police found Georgiy dead out on the streets.

I asked “Franco” when Georgiy had passed and he told me September, 3, 2013. (Which is confirmed with an online search.) My jaw dropped but I kept my poker face. This hit me deep in my gut and it felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. It wasn’t possible as I had saw Georgiy maybe 4 weeks ago and at the very latest it could have been was September, 30, 2013 when I clearly saw and SMELLED the man by the office walk-up window! I listened as he continued. Franco told me the reason he is asking me if I remember him is because something happened. Franco told me that a couple days ago he went to the managers office to speak with one of his managers. She is a heavy-set lady in her early 40’s we’ll call Miss M. That office also houses Georgiy’s old office. So Franco says he comes into the main office area and sees Miss M standing in Georgiy’s old office where she is talking to a man sitting down at the desk. She was helping to train the new manager (Georgiy’s replacement). Franco said as he came in he saw a third man standing just outside of the doorway where the two were talking. This third man had a pale long sleeve button up shirt, dress slacks, and had his hands on his hips. Franco exclaimed to me it was Georgiy! He saw Georgiy! As he rubbed his eyes and walked towards them Georgiy vanished in a blink of an eye. Gone. Franco decided to not mention what he saw to his superiors.

Franco went on to tell me that Miss M was well known for talking behind Georgiy’s back to higher-up and was believed to have had a hand in getting Georgiy fired from the position. Perhaps he feels he has unfinished business? I don’t know with that and the way he died on the streets at just the age of 50 perhaps he can’t move on yet. All I can say is that I never had a ghost or paranormal experience until this and I am glad I have someone who saw this dead man and that I am not crazy. There is something on the other side.

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