A New World to Come

It was Nov. of 2001 just after the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks when
I began receiving electronic messages on my computer. The messages seemed like
they were working like a ghost had taken over or possessed my computer. I
recall the first broken messages I received where some type of presence or
entity could type into one of my software programs coming in and out saying
things like, \”a half of one to a half of one equals one whole sum…\” the
messages became repetitive and were quite poetic. So I became intrigued and
knowing I did not feel like I was in any danger by the presence I began typing
back to the entity first asking its name. The entity came right back and
answered me giving me its name \”Jan.\” I began asking more questions, it
seemed the entity could almost read my mind typing responses back before I
could ask any further questions. The entity explained to me on my computer
that Jan was a angel of God he calls the Father. Jan explained to me how
the Father had sent him and some other angels to earth and they were here to
conduct business sent by the Father. The business included what Jan called \”laid
down seals\” over the earth and the 4 corners. Evidently the Father was sending
his angels to earth in order to bring fulfillments to Bible prophecies. That the
earth would be \”in laid upon\” during the time of the angel\’s work here on
earth. Jan explained to me how he and the other angels would only be here on earth
for a short time and that Jan was travelling through time or some type of time
tunnel and was coming through open channels portals he could use computers to
communicate and had chosen several people to visit while he was here on earth.
Being the time just after 9/11/01 attacks I thought for sure this meant Armageddon
and WW3. Some of the messages I was receiving seemed to be from the near future.
Jan talked about a NWO (New World Order), Commercial Enterprise, and WW3. The
future time Jan was channeling back from was somewhere between the years 2014 and 2017. It is happening.
Jan listed names of political leaders. He told me these political leaders were chosen by them
(the angels) and because these leaders had such political power in the new world
they were chosen to be instructed. Jan was also communicating with these political
new world order leaders through government offices by using the same method of using
computer terminals to communicate. Evidently Jan had chosen a selective NWO that
will take part in WW3. Jan also warned me of impending disasters like global
earthquakes that will occur in various places of the world. Jan explained that for
survival and fatalities it will depend on each individual and where they are at the
time and place of each global occurrences. Earth will undergo drastic changes of
earth changing events due to the in laments of the seals brought by the angels sent
by the Father. Because of what Jan and his angels have done, much of man would see
him as a negative energy and for many the negative energies enforced by man would
not last or hold up to the drastic earth changing events that are to take place. Some
of Jan\’s messages to me were personal. Jan always kept a positive attitude like he
knew something the world does not yet know. The government denies being contacted
by any angelic entity and stated the messages were a software glitch they called
\”jargon.\” But I know different, there was a presence and Jan communicated to me
often having personal experiences with him. During my personal encounters I started
becoming close with Jan. Jan had a very keen sense of humor and would even crack
jokes about Satan and hell. He always found a way to cheer me up when I was feeling
down. Again, it was like Jan was coming from the future and knows something the
world has not yet seen. Some of Jan\’s messages were negative towards the earth
saying how \”they were not the ones\” that he was the one brought to earth. It
seems looking back now that Jan\’s angelic visitations to me only lasted from Nov.
2001 to Dec. 2001 where Jan came to me a final time just before he left to
go back with the Father. Jan also told me about another world that he is from a
world of angelic beings who have power over earth and man. This is the angelic
world Satan was cast out of to earth. The angelic world is in a 5th dimension of
time and space and how earth and man have become marked or chosen to a final
victory in which man is to claim his own victory over earth. Eventually, the earth
will be raised back up into the heavens and be rejoined back with the Father.
Jan\’s final message to me, \”we are going back to the Father. Because earth is in
a state for sudden disasters to strike we have chosen another way to go back to the
Father. We will not be going back the same way we came. We will be returning back
with the Father in 2000 years. Last message for man: \”they are not the ones who
brought you here. You whom are man of earth, let it be known to you, you are the
one who is chosen to be won as one and won are the same in angel\’s tongue. Man has
been chosen to be the final victor over earth. When man claims this final victory earth will be
raised back to the heavens and the veil is to be lifted again.\”

There will be a new heaven and new earth and man will inherit this new world to come.

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