A sign from my Grandad

My youngest son who is now 9 has always from a toddler asked about my Grandad who died in 1988 we have pictures around the house and he was the only one out of my three boys that wanted to know all about him, My Grandad smoked a pipe and always St Bruno Tabaco……..

One evening when my son was about 5 (2008) I looked in on him as I did every night before going to bed and opened his door, the overwhelming smell of St Bruno pipe smoke hit me, I was in shock, I closed the door and opened it about 5 times to make sure it was not my imagination, then I called my oldest son who was around 17 and said to him “I am going to open Matts door tell me whet you can smell” he said “Mum it smells like smoke or a pub! I think my Grandad had been around my son from a small age looking after him and came to leave me a sign to let me know!

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