A story my close friend shared

I’ve one friend who’s rationality I have a lot of faith in, who saw something that he couldn’t explain: he saw three orbs spinning together, all equidistant, silent and fast and only reflecting light. He was with a relative and when I asked him if he’d have believed that relative if he hadn’t seen the same thing himself, he said “not on your life”.

He says that all he can say about it is what it wasn’t, eg it wasn’t a balloon, helicopter, creature or anything within his experience in life.
Both he and the relative said that there was a small element of fear and the “hope that it didn’t see us”.

He insists that had it not caught their eye because of where they were looking, they would never have noticed it because it was silent and only seemed to reflect light. He went straight indoors after and wrote down what he saw because he knew i was way out of the ordinary. As he says, it’s one he’ll take to the grave as unsolved..

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