A UFO in my day

I saw a UFO way before the Internet or drones. One evening I spent most of the night coming in and out of my house to the yard observing one. It had flashing lights with colors that would flash reddish yellow and then a green and it moved across the sky slowly at most times and covered a considerable distance between 11pm and 6am – which invalidates it being a airplane, or a static air balloon (arced about 40 degrees in that time period). I watched it pause completely and other times it was moving slow but steady. Still no satisfactory explanation – it was too high for an air balloon (13 arc degrees from the horizon) for long range solutions (ie weather ballon or air balloon not local) the lights twinkling (which attracted me to it as an object) are not on weather balloons, not a blimp either there was nothing over the area for it to advertise and the fuel payload? No reports from media from escaped local balloons, and reported sights of UFO’s in area after either.

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