Alice doesn’t live here anymore

The house my husband, kids and I live in was his childhood home. The first week we were living here an old woman in a house dress came into our room and stood in the door way. She said, ‘Alice, Alice it’s me mother.” I said, “Crystal?’ Thinking it was my husband’s grandmother who died in child birth with Alice, my husband’s mom. The old woman looked at me and said, “No it’s grandma Grey”. I told her Alice doesn’t live here anymore and she faded away.

What creeps me out is I had no idea Alice called her mother and that her last name was Grey. I told my mother-in-law my story and she told my how the old woman had died in the room that I was using as my daughter’s nursery. A couple of days later my the 18 month old daughter was standing in the door way of the bed room, and she said, “Riah… hi”. My daughter seemed to be telling something her name and I couldn’t see it.

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