Alien encounter in Georgeham, Devon

I have had some sightings and something more when I was small starting at around the age of 4. I have seen strange things in the sky but had when I was a child I saw something that I dare not share with anyone not near and dear to me. And To the few people sneering at the possibility of it being a UFO of extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional origin, I have news for you. I grew up in Devon, in a little coastal town called Georgeham. The first UFO I saw I was about 4 and I saw a glowing orange ellipsoid shapes circling a above a hill not far from us!

My other encounter was a year or 2 after with a mirror silver reflective cigar shaped looking object the size of three big caravans that we watched hover over head of me and my best friend and we saw that it landed in a field across the road in this wooden fenced in piece of land.

We ran over to it almost instinctively. My friend and I (he was 7 years old) were invited on board by beings I thought were clowns – because of the way they were dressed! Not bright colors but the skin was wrong the faces were wrong the clothes were wrong. They took us to this rectangle office room with little decorum or anything really in it. We sat on the floor then one of the small (clowns) as we referred to them later came in holding a few different objects, We played with ‘toys’ while they observed us but rarely spoke. Hard for me to explain now at 52 years of age what they were but they were puzzle type of tasks. Where if you move or figure the motion it would make it work or display its function. They would encourage us in a positive tone. When they did talk I was not sure which one it was because they didn’t move their lips. After some time they stopped us and urgently told us we must go and they made us leave the craft.

One walked us away from the craft and then went back to the others. And it  took off into the sky! I don’t recall any noise except a hum if you were to sit in your house and a big truck drove by. I cried when they flew away.

Shortly after a convoy of cars found us – we’d gone for a walk together after lunch and been lost for several hours – it was almost dark! Feel free to scoff. This DID happen!!!

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