At the Airport

One time while in between flights I was waiting at the Houston airport. I really had to use to restroom in the most urgent way. So I did my business and did my cleansing and double checked it with a final run through. Zipped up my jeans and went on my way. I decided to do some shopping and meetup with my husband. 20 minutes later as we were strolling through the terminal a large woman reluctantly approached me and waved me towards her with her index finger. She quietly informed me that I had a considerable amount of toilet paper hanging out the back of my pants. I instantly grabbed my butt and grabbed the large length of toilet paper and threw it to the ground in front of me angrily. I began cursing and then proceeded to scold my husband for not noticing it was there. I have never been more embarrassed and I could care less about the person who had to pick up my shitty toilet paper off the floor. What appalled me the most is that nobody told me until that woman came up to me.

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