Bearded Man with Scissors

30 years ago my daughter who lived nearby with her two young children phoned me middle of the night screaming that she had locked herself in the kitchen with the children and that there was a man in the house who was tall with a long beard and was threatening to kill the children with a pair of scissors. I rushed over to her house and searched the house but there was no one there. I told her that she must have had a bad dream. For many years we spoke about it and she would go pale and said she knows what she saw.

The house was eventually sold, and one day on Anglia Television the same house was being visited by a medium, apparently the new owner of the house had seen exactly the same man, the description exactly the same. The medium said he was very evil and she removed him from the property. A few months later the house burnt down. The property was old beamy place. I did not believe in ghosts but after that I do.

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