Being harassed by Ghosts

While at uni I worked a cleaner at a car garage late at night. I was always the only one in the building and the doors were always locked. When it was time to come home, I’d get kitted up in my motorbike gear, unlock the doors, set the alarm then head home.

After a few weeks on the job, I started to become harassed by a ghost(s). Every night when I started kitting up my bike gear, as soon as I put my helmet on I was given a hard whack around the back of the head. It was audible and with enough force to move my head forward. The first time it happened I ran around the building thinking there was a break-in. There was never anything near me that could touch me. There was nobody there. It happened every night for months and at times I could hear children laughing.

In the end I had to get kitted up outside as it became so annoying. I’m a firm believer, what else could it have been?

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