Blimp Type UFO Seen In Jacksonville, FL December 6, 2017

There is an account I have that happened a little bit before Christmas. It was December 6, 2017 I had taken my much older uncle to his physical therapy at Brooke’s Rehab Center off the Old St Augustine Road in Jacksonville. While he was in there I decided to walk around the campus and check out the ducks and fish and so forth.

I decided to walk 1 mile loop and enjoy the decent weather it was 15 after 3pm in the afternoon. While walking back from the main road back towards the Rehab Center I saw what I first thought was a white blimp floating above the road intersection. I shrugged it off as blimp and continued walking towards the center. Not giving it another thought I tuned back into my music playing in my earbuds.

Less than 10 minutes later I saw it again it passed right over my head. It looked lower and I got a better look at it. It was totally white and looked like it was hard shelled. It reflected the sun as it performed a slow “U” maneuver in the sky. It had a metallic sheen to it.

It took about 30 seconds to take the path of a “U” when it stopped directly ahead of me in the sky and floated there for a minute. It had my full attention now. I could tell it was no blimp or plane that I have ever seen. I was still walking my eyes fixed on it. The object moved again toward where it originally flew from. I watched it and could see it closer now. It had what appeared to be 2 very smaller wings on the middle of either side of the object. They did not look like normal wings, very sleek and slightly curved into the main part.

The object circled back towards the horizon point of where the road comes to a dead end. It sat there again lower than before. I decided to try to film it with my cell phone convinced it was nothing ordinary. I fumbled in my pocket trying to get it without taking my eyes of this craft. Juggling my phone with one hand as I continued to watch, it just “phased” out into the blue of the sky. I couldn’t believe it. Gone in a microsecond.

Almost as if it knew what I was trying to do, I just don’t know. I walked around another 30 minutes watching the sky, but I never saw it again.

I don’t tell people this story because it sounds so totally unbelievable. It looked like a flying whale almost. This UFO was not from our neck of the woods.

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