Blinding Light Through Car Windows

About 53-55 years ago I was with a boyfriend on the back seat of his car on a bluff overlooking a river one evening. He was playing his guitar and singing ‘Abilene’, I believe. Part way through, a terrible piercing light shone through the side window. We thought it was the police who used to check on twosomes parked up.

No…no-one about, but the light was blinding and left us both with pounding headaches. Then a strange ‘thrum’ which was felt in our bodies rather than heard, started and the light grew slowly dimmer and eventually disappeared. Neither of us wanted to investigate so we scrambled into the front seat and scampered.

Typing this just now, I felt a distinct shortness of breath and had to go to an open window to breathe deeply of the cold air…weird. I must add that I am VERY VERY sceptical of UFO stories and I have no truck with rituals/aliens/religions/sects or anything other than facts. But I wonder what it was that happened to us that evening. -thegardener

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