Bright white light above a coal strip mine

Me and a coworker were leaving a coal strip mine one evening and a bright white light appeared not too far away, then it shot off from a standstill at incredible speed and the whole sky lit up with 3 blue flashes(in all directions).

We were leaving the coal mine and about 6 miles away the same light appeared just above the tree tops, and it was staying in front and above our direction of travel. This continued for about 8 miles and then it shot off again at incredible velocity(no blue flashes the second time).

My coworker who is a serious skeptic of anything he doesn’t understand was so tore up about it he was actually irritable about the whole thing as it was happening. I kept looking up at it and saying “Oh, it’s probably a fallen angel or something, loser Lucifer” flipping it the bird, etc.

To me, I really don’t care if there are aliens flying around, or demons, or fallen angels, who cares, I’ll b*tch slap the F out of ’em if they cross me.. That’s a fact Jack.

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