Changzhou, China UFO January 2014

Having seen something myself I would like to share.  It was recent and still clear as a photograph in my mind. It happened when I moved to China about a month ago. I saw something where I live in Changzhou (it’s an hour or two away from Shanghai) and just about five nights ago or so right after New Year I saw two powerful lights hovering pretty far off. I naturally thought they were planes at first because they had lights on them, one of them had quite a few. I could not see any clear shape, just lights.

BUT, they stayed there for over 45 minutes. Just hovering there and when They moved a little, it was hardly worth mentioning and seemed to be still in the air, and pretty high up maybe 20,000ft. At one point I looked up and one had moved over towards the other and got close to the other, but that was it. Next time I checked they were gone. Since I am new to the country I figured it was a normal thing here (and kinda still do). I took a photo to see if I could zoom in but all you can see is lights (slow shutter at night). Now I am intrigued by the UFO conspiracy.

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