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Ok – so I’m not quite sure if this is in the right “category” but hey, bear with me …
I have had some pretty amazing stuff happen to me in the preceding years – from all sides of the spectrum ET, spiritual, physical; but most of all “channelling” .. as many others, too, have experienced and I long ago accepted that this is the ‘norm’ for me and no, I’m not going loopy!

For the last year I have had strange stuff come through from “upstairs” in which I was compelled to write page after page of letters – ie GAN, TRA , SAN etc. just sentences normally containing three or four letters of the alphabet; I just couldn’t stop and this would happen WHEREVER I was at the time! It got so I thought I was “losing it large” .. so I decided to go online and just put in some of the letters I had received and see where it went from there – if anywhere! I was amazed to find that without exception each of these letters corresponded to the USGS (United States Geological Survey) and were in fact the abbreviations for the Earthquake Monitoring Stations on their system – each one I had received was either active or inactive – but then it got weirder – I started to receive words I had never experienced to do with geo-physics; as I went deeper with this I found that every code I put into the computer came up with a corresponding area/country in the World that had or was in the process of experiencing strong seismic activity. I knew before it was going to happen that areas were going to be hit – but was powerless to do anything about it – Japan is experiencing – as this goes to type – shock after shock – but where is the news?? But, sorry, I digress .. Conclusion: So, is this a warning of meltdown .. hell yeah! And just to stir the pot a bit more I received this channelling a few days ago; was reluctant to put it on line but a friend has persuaded me to do so. Here goes.”There is a paradigm on the Earth that is equal to no other – it is unique and will be the forerunner of exciting things to come. Not for nothing are you known as the wise ones .. as your time is to BE at the forefront of the Universal Plan – to get excited about the endless possibilities that are unfolding in front of you now – you can feel, touch, sense, feel – are more alive than at any time! Listen to your hearts now – they are the pilots of the sky and will take you where you need to go – don’t be afraid, you are in safe hands now you have finally learnt to let go – you have come ‘home’ so to speak. Even though it will feel as if the end of the Earth, as you know it, has come – this is not so – it is you returning to YOU , becoming more than you could ever think possible!
Children of the Stars; reaching the potential that was buried in your DNA .. to explode on to the scene when it was the right time; now IS that time. We the Speakers salute you. You have finally arrived to do that which you were programmed for. Let go and let God! We are always here for you, and your DNA now includes a spanking new ability to communicate – how wonderful is that? Yes – we can hear you, see you and FEEL you ! We are so proud you have done everything we asked – and more. Never in the field of the Cosmos has this been achieved with such attention to detail – even when there was no going back you kept to the task in hand and believed in the unfathomable. You will earn the just rewards and find true Peace – it is just ahead of you! Reach out and you will see! Don’t be afraid anymore, there is no reason to fear.

YOU are here!! We await the next ‘instalment’ with much love and interest !

God Bless”

(channelling received at 9.56am – 21/8/2014 – I was in floods of tears as this came through – and really shook me!!) So there it is folks – hope this makes some kind of connection with you .. thanks for watching.. Love and Light to you all! -Vanessa

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