i’m pissed and frustrated that the government or some compartment inside of it, a thrid party, is spraying our skies with chemtrails. I have been noticing this almost on a daily basis since 2009 in city and area that I live. As a security officer I have to make rounds outdoors on a strict schedule so I get plenty of time to skywatch. The first time I ever saw them spray right over us was when I was new to the state and job. One morning when working a 16 hour shift it was perfect subtropical weather and it was a perfectly clear beautiful blue sky. Infact some folks were commenting on how nice this day was so far. Signing in a few more workers things slowed down for lunch. I threw some quick dinner in the microwave and took a walk outside while it cooked. Quickly I noticed a large plane with quite a thick plume of “smoke” that trailed behind it and the discharge from the plane behind it did not dissapate quickly infact it slowly would expand and hang there. As I noticed this plane pass overhead there were two more planes comming from a different direction and both were spraying this “smokey” substance. I watched curiously as they crossed over the original planes line it had made. Not knowing what this was I remembered my food and went back inside the office to eat. Maybe 20 minutes later another worker came to check in and after I was finished with them I went back outside to do my rounds to see another plane flying out of eyesight with a thick trail behind it and the beautiful clear blue sky we had 30 minutes ago was completely checkered with these “chemtrails.” The way they would spread out and come down into the atmosphere they looked similar to clouds yet covered up the entire sky.

After finishing my rounds and heading back to the office I would ask workers and family members who I would check in what they thought of this “weather.” With some folks who I go into a decent convo with I would inquire as to what they thought that was in the sky and I got an amazing response “just clouds.” Wow I was bewildered. One resident I saw before the end of my shift who was former Navy and I asked him if there was any kind of military exercise going on around here and he told me not that he knew of.

Are they spraying toxic aerosols to slowly corrupt our food and water supply? Are they trying to repair our O-zone layer in unapproved methods that have not been signed off on by government officials? Are they trying to mask or coverup something they suspect may be entering specific air space? Are they trying to prevent damage from an EMP or Solar X-Flare from knocking down our power grid? I cannot tell you why or who is doing it I can just tell you that THEY are doing it. Chemtrails is not a conspiracy theory. It is a real conspiracy. You can see it happen for yourself if you take the time out of your precious day to look up. Check out the documentary What In The World Are They Spraying!

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