Christmas Tree UFO

Just recently on Tuesday June, 4, 2013 at around 9:45 PM in Jacksonville, Florida, I believe I witnessed something I can only classify as a UFO. My wife and I were settling down for bed and were just trying to relax for the evening. Suddenly my stepson enters our bedroom just getting home from work and taps me on the shoulder and says that we need to see something now! We both ask him what is he talking about and he just replied “Come on” and walked out of the room. We followed him to our outdoor screened porch and he points to the horizon and says “Look at that!”

Not saying a word to each other at this moment we all three watch this very very bright white light slowly moving towards our direction. I patiently waited to see some FAA regulated strobes blink or a tail light to flash and there was NOTHING of the sort. As the object got closer to us I was confident this craft was not a satellite or any kind of airplane or helicopter I have ever seen. We are quite accustomed to seeing military helicopters jets and cargo planes in this area on a daily basis as we are very near JAX Naval Base. It was completely silent and flying fairly low. About the height or altitude that you’d typically see the smaller two and four seat airplanes fly at if that helps anyone visualize. The object continued to creep closer towards our house and as it “glided” directly over our heads we could briefly see a bit more detail to the object and it looked to be a triangular craft with a series of bright white lights surrounding it. From the distance it appeared to be one bright light but as it got close it seemed on large light underneath accompanied by several smaller ones on the outer edges of the object. The thing was lit up like a damn Christmas tree!!

When it got directly overhead it passed over the roof and we could no longer see it so we rushed outside to the street. Standing there on the wet sidewalk in my socks we watched the object as it continued on its course without changing direction. We observed a regular commercial airplane way off in the distance to the right of the sky (sorry not sure what direction) and the airplane looked nothing like what we were watching. We observed the object for about another minute before it started to get into the scattered cloud cover and we could no longer see it at all. Still on the street my family and I discussed what it possibly could have been. We all came to a quick consensus that it was a UFO. Either secret military or other worldly. My wife believes it was the military. With nothing more to see my wife began to walk back inside and we were about to follow right behind when we heard the familiar sound of a helicopter..

This helicopter flying at about half the altitude of the UFO flew directly over our house on a flight path very similar to where we last saw the triangle of light. Now the timing of the helicopter was very odd and hard for us to believe it was just coincidence that it flies by at max speed within 2 minutes or less of last seeing the strange lights. We could not make out any markings or insignia on the helicopter as it appeared to be going as fast as it could, but it was mostly solid white with black borders.

I was willing to admit it was possibly a military experimental craft, but the encounter with the chopper zipping by was too eery to except as such. That doesn’t add up to me. If it was an experimental military craft why would they have the brightest lights possible on it and fly slowly over a heavily populated residential area? Not exactly stealthy. My theory is the helicopter was dispatched to track or get a visual on the UFO and was gaining on its position until it got near our house and lost him in the cloud cover. As if there was a fork in the road and the UFO went left and the chopper kept going straight. If that’s the case I believe they could not track it on radar completely or at all. I browsed the web and haven’t seen any other reports on this so I thought it should be posted.

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