close up craft

Some years ago I was staying at a friends house & decided to stay in rather than joining them at the local pub. I was happily watching tv when for no reason I began to feel nervous. I could have looked out onto part of the garden but for some reason I felt afraid to go into the glass verandah there. My unease got to such a pitch that remembering a lady whose family had a taxi I phoned her to come as fast as she could. She said there was something in my voice which made her just leave at once & as she rang the bell I opened the door. Behind her rising from the large garden there & heading straight for the bungalow was this cornet shaped thing all aglow with like a fiery tail. What I can never forget is that it had the knowledge to ‘lift’ at the moment it would otherwise have struck the building. Have no doubt it was alien & have no wish for re encounter. – MB, Bridlington

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