Cluster of UFOs Coral Bay, St John Virgin Islands Spring 2012

I have seen these lights myself a few years ago in the spring. Me and my fiance’ were staying at a resort in coral bay for a few nights. Early morning on the short drive there from Cruz bay we saw a pack of lights clustered together in the sky. We followed them for a good half an hour in the car down centerline rd, when I got out of the car with Keith and looked up each disc shaped light was just hovering high in the blue sky. There were 4 golden discs of bright light. They paced our car the entire drive. It wasn’t long after getting out of the car each one vanished almost simultaneously.

I think that I am a logical woman and until this incident I would have scoffed at these types of websites and never sought them out. I know what we witnessed that night was other worldly and will be with us until the grave.

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