Last night I went to chill with a friend over at his house after work. He told me on the phone while I was driving that he would have his new girl there with him. TO make a long story short we got bored and wanted to smoke some weed. But we had no smoking device or blunt. Paper, rocks, scissors determined who would go on a blunt run. It turns out it was me. Not minding at all because my friend’s playmate wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box but she was nice to look at. Maybe I’d appreciate her slowness after we toke up. My friend is living in a unpleasant part of town but not what I would call the ghetto. I wasn’t sure where the closet gas station was so I used my handy GPS and found one .4 miles away. Finding a shell I quickly went in and grabbed a box of good time cigarillos from the friendly middle eastern man standing behind the glass window and got back in my car. Pulling out the parking lot I took a right down the road I had taken to get there alongside the store thinking this would be an even quicker route. I began down this road maybe 8mph when all of the sudden a big fat shirtless black guy ran right into my path of travel and I hit the breaks. He was maybe 2 inches from my hood and he was screaming out of his mind “Run me over motherfucker! Run me the FUCK OVER!” as his heaving man bossoms flapped up to his neck line.He was screaming dileriously at me wallowing about and my first thought was if he touches my car then we are going to throw hands. I looked to my right alongside this building and there were 6 or 7 gentlemen of dark persuasion standing there casually watching this so I thought better than to get out of my whip so quick. I instantly thought this was some attempt at car jacking me so i quickly turned my wheel to a hard right and stomped on the gas and went around him. He lazily chased after my car yelling obscenities as i rounded the corner. When I got to my friends house I was still dumbfounded by this retard and didn’t even care to mention this I just smoked with them and tried to enjoy the conversation. I wonder what that whole event was about to this very day but I am just going to assume it was a crackhead or a very poor suicide attempt. That guy ruined my night and sometimes I want to go back in time and flatten his ass

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