Cylinder UFO Aberdeen, Scotland 1991

I saw a UFO once in Aberdeen, Scotland. (1991) Its was shaped like a cylinder (Tin Can) The size of maybe a minivan. It was night time and we were sitting at traffic lights at the end of a long road that heads into the countryside. Before we hit the traffic lights there was, what I thought some kind of tall electricity pylon with 3 lights at the top of it to the left of the car, a minute later it was at the right of the car, by the time we came to a stop at the traffic lights it was directly above us, 20mtres or so. There were other cars behind us. We all got out of our cars to look at it. After a few seconds of it hovering, it silently zoomed away, circled the parameter of the city then went up into the clouds, then it started snowing. Believe me or not, I don’t care, but 15 or so of us all saw it and I’ll never forget it.

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