Dancing “Satellites” over Scotland

Quite often I’m out having a cigarette at night and I see satellites slowly passing overhead, shooting stars etc (if you haven’t seen this; a satellite basically looks like a moving star, once you spot one you’ll spot loads)… however one time I’ve been really stumped is when I was paying attention to what I thought was a satellite for a couple of minutes, it was making it’s way over my house until I looked behind me and another ‘satellite’ was heading straight for it. Both me and the wife were convinced these objects were going to collide, and as they were going to connect they both ‘spun around’ each other I guess? Literally at the very last millisecond and in a perfect motion without having to slow down. It was nothing like 2 planes banking, it was very odd. The second object moving away from me then producted a brighter ‘satellite-like’ light and sped off slightly faster. Totally bizarre.

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