Daytime UFO in 2004

Back in 2004 on a beautiful sunny clear day my mother was in the garden when she asked me if it were possible to see stars during daylight, curious as to why she had asked I went outside to have a look, in the distance there were numerous bright lights in the sky, most were moving away from us, up and away as if leaving our atmosphere, a couple were closer and flying impossible patterns, however given the distance it wasn’t possible to draw any definite conclusions, but them an object moved up close, about 500 meters above us, it flew parallel to our home, it didn’t make a sound, we could see it clearly, oddly enough it looked like the UFO in the X-Files poster, we were both speechless, it moved away into the distance, to this day I wish I had a camcorder, it would have been the most remarkable footage ever taken of a UFO as it was so close and on a clear day, other objects remained in the distance making erratic movements, a remarkable day!

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