Daytime UFO sighting in 2002

While driving my car in a country area about 13 years ago, I once witnessed an enormous object that resembled a flying saucer. It was no more than 20 yards away and hovering motionless just above the trees. It was dusk, but there was still plenty of daylight. The object was the size of 2 semi detached houses, and it had lighted gothic style windows all around it, while at the rim there were little lights also around the entire circumference.

There was an electricity pylon nearby, so that may have some relevance. When I returned via the same route later, the object had disappeared. I was on my way to get a bottle of wine from the nearest village, although I hadn’t had any alcohol at the time, but I consumed the entire bottle on arrival home.

I tried relating this to a few other people, but they looked at me incredulously as if they thought I should be certified, so I have never mentioned it since.

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