Denmark UFO

can I tell my story? ok I will. I was twelve but remember it perfectly, I was with my au pair and younger brother in Denmark camping. We were lying looking up at the stars counting satellites and watching them drift across the sky in straight lines as they do. We all noticed a particularly bright one moving slowly along as expected, but then after a while it changed direction, it didn’t change speed or stop or curve, it changed direction at a strong angle, and then continued straight, then changed direction again, it did this for a few minutes drawing geometric patterns in the sky, it would have been great obviously to have video of it to see exactly the movement pattern. It then blinked quite brightly like a flash and was no longer there. It seemed very high up. We all watched it together and could not understand it, and having spoken about it since with sciency people satellites cannot change direction like that, nor weather balloons etc. So I choose to believe that it was most likely some kind of craft.

I hope they come back and say hello properly!

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