Diamond UFO witnessed while serving in USAF 1970’s

When identifying an object as an UFO, it is important to remember what the U stands for–UNIDENTIFIED. Not ALIEN. Who really knows the truth but those things exist and there are too many reports. I’m not trying to convince you of anything just stating what I have seen myself.

Back in the ’70’s when I was serving in the USAF, five other airmen and myself saw something shaped like a huge diamond. It was massive and was not a conventional object. It was bright white when it first appeared in our sight. It just popped up there. It slowly descended to (or toward) the earth from the upper atmosphere, actually it appeared to be decelerating once it began its descent. As it descended, it changed colors–but at all time the colors emanating from it were breathtaking. It was not only shaped like a giant diamond but it shone brilliantly like one. We could not understand what this could be or how it could change colors of the entire craft. None of us knew what it was. And I still do not know what it was.

We quickly reported this to our Senior Airman and he told us to keep quiet and to not even discuss it amongst each other. Later we were all paged by the senior Airman on duty. We were taken to a room and 3 of us were pulled into a secure conference room and they were interviewed by unknown officials/individuals. I was one of the 3 not interviewed for whatever reason, but again I was told to sign something and to never discuss the incident again or we would face ‘complications.’ My 3 airmen who were interviewed told me nothing of what happened other than don’t talk about it again and get back to my duties. They each said the same line when I approached them privately..

It was a flying object that was “unidentified.”

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