UFO experience in Wrotham Hill, Kent 1983

I had an experience back in 1983 early summer, l think about 23:00 hrs,on top of Wrotham hill where l lived at that time,suddenly darkness turned into daylight,just like it was a sunny day,l ran out the front door looked up and saw this most beautiful object rotating blue,red,white,it travelled from south to north. A blue red fluorescent light object travelling so quietly.lt lit up the whole hill,where l was living at the time.The night went from pitch black to a ordinary sunny day in a matter of seconds,at around midnight.Similar to the light of an atom bomb in the distance.Please research into the article the Gravesend Times printed on that year. l know many people do say l am from another planet. But that is another stroy to tell.

I’m a great believer into thinking that there is a far higher source of intelligence
in the distant constellation of stars,the corridor entrance of born matter from
spiritual beings. These light objects[not metallic,since metal creates friction,that leads to wear and tear]could be the satellite monitors from a
mother ship within the constellation,and is keeping an eye on us,on how we perform,during our time on earth,towards each other and the planet.That we have been given to reside on in peace.

l saw one in 1983,a blue red fluorescent light object travelling so quietly.lt lit up the whole hill,where l was living at the time.The night went from pitch black to complete bright daylight in a matter of seconds,at around midnight.Similar to the light of an atom bomb in the distance.

And this is what l believe Right at the beginning of time, when humans were walking on the face of the earth. They had a natural instinct [just like it was meant to be] to look up at the sky and wondered whether we came from the heavens. Humans started to worship the stars they thought were the places of their ancestors originated from. There is one planet that sticks out from the rest, and that’s Mars.Our ancient ancestors might have been Martians. The image of the red planet at present does resemble something that has gone terribly wrong, billions of years ago. The atmosphere and ozone layers that sustain life on a planet was probably destroyed by neglected selfish attitudes, which created an irreversible spiral of destruction towards the abundance of life that we have on earth today. Mars has similar landscapes to earth. The north and south ice poles, with barren dessert landscapes with coastal images touching the edges of what looked like a beach, and huge oceans at that time. With mountain ranges and fault lines, and evidence of volcanic activity in the past, does point towards a living planet that had the ability to sustain a wealth of life, including humans.

Our ancestors, just like here on earth, have been introducing similar systems within their lives to provide a wealth of comfort. They had the
knowledge to build houses and big cities and a technology that flourished to give them that quality of life to live in comfort. But with all this activity of technological gadgets, and the ongoing destruction of the environment on mars
has a price. The demand for natural Martian materials, has outstripped what the martian nature can provide, resulting in a total wipe out of the all the foliage on the Martians surface. This has started the process of global warming, caused by the dirty air filled with toxic waste. The oceans on mars are now lifeless, leaving it to form a soup of toxins. Eventually the atmosphere has
been totally destroyed with no protective layer to keep the atmosphere in place, resulting in the living-giving atmosphere to escape out into space, leaving the planet desolate.

A few chosen martian were selected to colonize a planet they had their eye on for some time, because they knew, this planet could sustain a
life to live in comfort. This planet is earth. A chosen place was picked on the earth to live and multiply with their kind on the earth. But the first couple were given laws to live by their seniors to reflect upon, so not to do the same disastrous mistakes, to what they did on mars, but to live in harmony with it’s surroundings, and to provide a system that will create a peace within the society of people as they flourish. Because the martians know by experience what they have done wrong by destroying their own planet, had fatal consequences to
their world. Martian expeditions in the near future will probably one day, will excavate fossilized bones, similar to human bones. Also certain parts of the Martian landscape will be vast cities buried underneath the red planet, maybe the size of New York.With the warning we had from our ancestors from the beginning when we first colonized the planet. We decided to ignore the wisdom
from our senior Martian ancestor advice and decided to rule ourselves. Once again leading to the fatal consequences that happened on the martian planet all that time ago.”Oh well”! There’s always Venus to try out.

And this is the reasons why our ancient ancestors were always there to keep an eye on us to see
how we perform independently from our ancient ancestors.We chose to ignore the laws of nature and the knowledge we were provided with from our spiritual beings from beyond to help us promote a peace on all the earth.The time is almost upon us for the ancient ancestors to intervene to save the planet from catastrophe.And all will be revealed to what it is all about.

The bad guys promotes a darkness[which they will be thrown into the abyss of darkness never
to interfere ever again with the light of love. The good guys that has always stayed with the behaviour of empathy are the promoters of the light and therefore will be in the good books of our ancient ancestors to live on the earth for eternity.They are the true caretakers of the earth and this was one of the manual scripts given to us by our Ancestors to abide to.

For all those that promoted the misery of this darkness had their chance to know what is wrong
to what is right and made a choice in their lives to make other people’s life a misery by feeding off them for selfish gains will be tron away from the light of life and never to return again. Be warned all you swindlers out there for your time is almost up now.

Robert Giles

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