Distorted person on my roof

There was a distorted figure on my roof. I was out by my pool on an day off from work and school and saw someone there on my roof top. It was completely see-through. I could see there outline and wavy distortion to tell there was something clearly there bent down in a crouch position. Could it have been someone with an invisibility cloak? I will probably never find out. I didn’t see red eyes or anything like that just the clear outline of a human looking body up there watching me . I shouted to it “Hey What are you doing up there man!”

I ran went inside to get my mom to come look at this. She came out with me but nothing was there. I couldn’t explain it to her I was so full of adrenaline. I yelled at her to go back inside I was scared. I did a quick lap around the house to see if I could see where it went. Not really wanting to find him I quickly gave up and went inside and locked the house up.

We pondered calling the police. What would I tell them and would the really believe that? I know I wouldn’t. -James

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