Dude standing by the side of the road

OK I have one for this section…What I saw was in 2001 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I went to a nearby store on the way to work, and it’s still really COLD outside and its early March at the time. I decide to take the road by this store to work, and its a shorter back way. Now It’s drizzling rain and cold and my wipers are on the lowest setting coming up about every 7 seconds. I see that there is a man standing beside the road in front of this shabby looking SHACK house. This is a two lane back road and the road is pretty slick. I decide to get into the oncoming lane, there were no cars coming and I didn’t want to mist the guy or splash him with a puddle as I passed at about 45 mph. So as I’m getting close to the guy on the side of the road by the shack I can see the dark green bush behind him…..through him. As I got close enough to him I could see him he looked to be an older man but i could see right through him but he was moving as if alive. I am right upon him know and he vanishes in front of my eyes. It was the day time about 8:00 am in the morning and this dude just vanished and I’m driving down the wrong side of the road not to get him soaked. THIS IS A TRUE STORY.

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