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Have you ever had a UFO sighting? If so, this is the section for you! Report your abductions, sightings and any other extraterrestrial phenomena here and see if our readers have experienced the same thing. Be sure to specify date, time, location and any other unusual events that took place in the area to the best of your ability. Also include any photos or videos of the event and where it took place. At Skeletons In My Closet everyone has a voice and it matters to us. Abductions are on the rise, share your stories today.

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  • Adi Delija

    Me and my friend had the habit to observe a specific page of the sky and for a long hour looking what’s going on. We see a lot of movements, but one of them was so fast that we where so execited that we speak about it. And while we talked about it on the glass front door appeared a figure. Size was only half a meter, thin hands, larger head, and dry stature. I ran to open it, because I was fascinated how quickly this figure disappeared. When I ran for it is was already gone. So, we where a litlle scared and suddenly there appeared my mother, going to a job. Then we realized that this, for us just a moment, lasted for 3.5 hours. We where confused, so he got home and I went to sleep. In a few days we forgot this event. But when I went to his house I’ve seen unidentified flying object. I run to hem to ask hem did he see it. But he was whit some other friend waiting for me and just laughed my argument. For a 2 days they came to me and show me the daily newspaper in which said that was seen unidentified flying object precisely on the day when I saw it. There is more to say but…

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