Faking my way through your conversation

Everyone is guilty of doing this in their life. I have become a chronic conversation faker. It is mainly at work that I have to do this and when dealing with customer service robots at various big box stores. But the main subject i fake through is talking about football. You see girls aren’t the only ones that do this thing. I have to do this with my co-workers every football season. I don’t like football. I never played it. My dad never watched it my friends growing up didn’t play it. So I don’t know the rules, players or give a crap about it. But I can get through an entire conversation and sound like i’m into it and know what i’m talking about by parroting what the previous fantasy football guy said in a different way with a slightly different prediction.

Should I feel guilty about this? I feel obligated because I shall be mocked by my peers because it’s weird and gay to not like it, and my superiors are really into the footballs. I haven’t had the balls to join one of their fantasy leagues and trying to fake my way through that but i should i bet i could win the whole thing. I watch real futbol.

When I break eye contact several times during your long explanation or story i’m not listening and don’t care. Sometimes when I mumble something to someone and I can tell they don’t catch it but they smile and fake laugh nodding their head as if they understood what I said. I come back later and call them on that shit! “Hey remember what I asked you earlier? Given it any more thought?”

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