First Alien Encounter in Tennessee 1968

I was only about 3 and a half when I can remember my first alien/ufo encounter. It was 1968, we were living in a small town just outside
Memphis. My father and mother went out dating while my 3 sisters babysat me at home. I was sitting n the living room by the coffee table when my older sister received a phone call from our neighbor\’s daughter. She was told a UFO was in our neighborhood hovering over a house just across the street. Then screams of our neighbor began as the UFO landed in our backyard. I recall all the lights and tv went out. My older sister ran next door to see what was going on. During the same time I could see our back screen door open up where 3 small alien greys entered through the back door. I could see red and blue flashing lights through the back open door. The first grey was about 4ft tall and skinny with a big head and large eyes. It wore a skin tight black suit with a silver belt attachment. The alien came into our living room and I tried to grab me by the arm where my sister grabbed me back. Two more small greys ran into the hallway and entered one of my sister\’s bedrooms. She screamed and ran out the front door telling us to get out there was something in our house. My other sister watching me in the living room snagged me up and ran out the front door where she tripped and dropped me at the street curb to our driveway. I remember looking up back at the et who stood at the front door telepathically speaking to us
for my sister to hand me over to them and that they only wanted to look at me. I trusted the alien and ran back to it. It looked at me with a faint grin when my sister quickly grabbed me back saying she was not going to let them have us. Then the cops came and the et and ufo vanished back off into anoer neighborhood. The police were responding to next door where my older sister went. There was a crime scene where a young girl of our neighbor\’s was viciously attacked and taken to a hospital. Then my parents came home to find police at our front lawn and next door. My parents said they heard a report over the radio from a private pilot that a UFO was seen in our neighborhood. The girl next door stated to police a larger reptoid type alien entered her bedroom and attacked her. She tried fighting it off crashing a lamp over its head where she was thrown onto the bed face down and attacked by it. She had scars and wounds from the incident but police stated my sister\’s made and our neighbor had made the story up and that they believed the reptoid alien was a human dressed up trying to break in to our neighbor\’s house. My parents believed the police and put my 3 sisters on restriction. But the next day my mother received a phone call from our neighbor saying they believed their daughter was telling the truth because she was a straight A student and was not like her to fabricate wild stories. As a result of the attack our neighbor\’s daughter had to be
taken out of public school and was institutionalized in a state mental hospital. That is when my mother began to question what really happened that night. I recall that next evening where I began having a series of dreams where alien greys were taking my mother and me to a basement underground facility. My mother laid on a silver table with a white blanket over her while they bathed me in some type of crystal mineral water. My mother would cry out and scream for them to give me back.

I also recall in the basement 2 MIBs stood at the stairwell guarding it and taking notes. I would wake up from these dreams with tears in my eyes, not from the fear or mental anguish of the experience but from pain they were causing me. That same year my father in the military relocated to Florida where we were chased down by another UFO and taken aboard a alien spacecraft….

After my first alien encounters in Tennessee, my father put in a military transfer to Florida. We took a trip from Tenn. to FL. where my father first relocated to a house. It was on the way back from FL. to Tennessee where we travelled along a long winding county road through Georgia we had another UFO/alien encounter. It was somewhere between 2:00 and 3:00 am. I was asleep in the back seat of our car when I awoke to my mother screaming. My father began driving erratically as other cars from the opposite lane did u-turns around us. Our car stalled out and came to a silent stop. I looked back through the rear window and could see a large craft hovering over a hillside just off the road. Pinkish reddish lights beamed into the car. I could see another stalled out car about 100 ft. in back of us. As I looked I saw a young man in his early 20s get out the driver side and tried to hide his girlfriend in the trunk. That’s when I saw alien greys walk up behind the young man as he was trying to hide his girlfriend. One of the alien greys touched him with a small silver rod and his body went limp and he passed out. I could see the aliens wrap the couple separately in silver sheets and then levitated them into the UFO craft that landed off the side of the road from us. My mother was in shock, my father seemed mesmerized. My mother told me to get down and tried covering me up to hide me and told me not to look and stay down. Everything was very quiet except I could here insects chirping. Then the car door opened, I could feel hands grabbing me and picked me up out of the car. I awoke inside the UFO. My mother and father were standing in the same room where a tall alien reptilian was holding me in its arms. My mother tried fighting the alien and begged for them to give me back. My father said to follow through with the aliens and not try to fight them. I could see two rows of vats with some type of alien hybrid fetus in them very similar to Dulce Base alien vats. I could also see out windows where I saw our car parked off the side of the road. We were inside a alien spacecraft hovering a couple hundred feet off the ground. Inside the room I also saw a white table with some type of probing devise attached to the foot of the table. I saw one alien enter the room and went into some type of freezer vault where the aliens kept some type of blood bank. Then the aliens took me out of the room. I remember standing in a large open area of the craft. It was the middle flight navigation deck. I was standing near a elevator shaft and could see laboratory rooms where I first began hearing blood curdling screams from one of the abduction rooms. It was the young man’s girlfriend. Things quieted down some. Again, the aliens removed me from the area and took me down the elevator where they told a human astronaut to watch over me while they performed abductions on the other people they had. Apparently the aliens were full with abduction rooms and I had to wait while they performed abductions on the others. The alien greys left me in the bottom deck of the main engine room with the human astronaut. I could see the human astronaut dressed in a full peace orange colored astronaut suit insulated and had remote equipment attached to the outside of the suit. I walked around the main engine block to witness the astronaut working on the main engine chamber. He took a long tool and opened the main engine compartment where I could see inside the engine chamber. I saw 3 rows of gears, one of them apparently got stuck as he readjusted the chamber gears a beeping signal went off from another room located in back of the main engine block. The astronaut told me to stay put while he went to check out the warning signal. I did not listen being a small kid I was filled with curiosity and followed the astronaut into the room. I could see a wall with rows of led digital lights running vertically down. As I peaked inside I also saw another small silver block that had a round chamber attached to it. Just to the side in front of the lighted wall I saw another compartment housing some type of hydrogen tank where a antenna wave guide anchored down into this chamber. The astronaut saw me peaking around and ordered me to go back where he left me and stay put. I saw the astronaut working on the light panels and took off the warning signals. That’s when things began to light up. I could see a white light coming out of the rear end of the main engine. Being attracted to the light I walked up and tried peaking through some type of lens the light was coming from. Inside I could see another part of the main engine attached to a thrusting chamber attached to the rear enclosed panel. The enclosure had two rows of lights. On the top were large lenses beaming white light. On the bottom row were red lenses beaming a red light. I could see silverish insulation covered the back. In the middle of the enclosure I saw a horizontal rod with small solar panels attached. As the astronaut worked the solar panels turned off the rod and locked into place; that’s when the red beams and white light came intense so I had to back away from intense heat. As I walked back around where I first was off the side of the main engine block I could see some type of filtration system attached to each side of the main engine block coming off the floor. As I was walking back I also noticed a long air ventilation shaft. The astronaut came back out of the room and put on some type of glove where he stood in front of the main engine. He put his hand fitted with a glove that had some type of micropins that inserted into the front where he operated the craft. The front panel to the engine block had a gyro wheel and some type of vertical lever. To the side of the astronaut’s hand insert was another large alien hand print. As the astronaut activated the insertion everything in the room lit up with a brilliant white light. I could see my reflection in a 4th dimension reflecting off the light. The craft seemed to tilt and felt like being inside a elevator. As the astronaut approached me standing to the side of the main engine I got a god look at his eyes. There was something very different about his eyes that gave me a eerie feeling to look into them. The astronaut went off to a communication devise attached to the wall located next to the elevator I was taken down in. The astronaut ordered to take me back up because he was too busy to keep watch over me and I was being nosey. Two alien came down and took me back into the middle deck of the craft. As I walked out the aliens escorted me into one of the open abduction rooms where I saw the young man they had taken standing upright attached to a T shaped machine. His eyes were open, his mouth was open with a flat black piece inside his mouth. The young man also had small tubes going into his sides. Off the side of this I could see other machine like devises that seemed to be extracting blood, body fluid, and DNA extractions. I saw a robotic type drill roll across the ceiling, went over the young mans head and drilled into his brain. The aliens escorted me back out of the room where I stood in front of the main elevator again. I could see two small reptilian green skin aliens sitting in chairs who worked part of the main flight navigation systems. Two more small alien greys came back up through the main elevator and entered the middle deck where I was standing in front of them. These alien greys were dressed in white astronaut suits that appeared glossy and wet. They had on clear bubble shaped astronaut helmets. One of the aliens carrying a small silver box shaped devise. As the aliens entered into the middle deck I could see upstairs the upper quarter level we were apparently first taken. I saw another human astronaut come out of one of the upper quarter level rooms as he came out of a circular shaped door or portal. The human astronaut activated some type of lazier controlled escalator that came from underneath the upper quarter level balcony. The astronaut came down the escalator and approached the two grey astronauts where they exchanged telepathic communication. There were also some alien vocals but I could not make out the language or understand. But I could tap into their telepathic communication. Apparently the aliens were experimenting with some type of alien probing devise. The devise became lost and was thought to be buried deep in the bottom of a muddy swamp. The aliens said they could not locate the devise. The human astronaut seemed to be a captain and ordered the grey aliens to return back to the swamp to retrieve the lost devise. The human captain told the other two alien greys how the devise could not get into the hands of humans or the government and wanted it kept secret from the government. The devise was unretrievable and may still be sitting at the bottom of a muddy swamp somewhere in Georgia. Then everything went haywire as the alien spacecraft had been picked up on local radar. Two USAF jets were called into action. They had orders to shoot down the craft. I saw other small humanoid creatures come out of the same quarter deck area the human astronaut came out of. The humanoid creatures were dressed in black loose robes and had black hoods. One looked down at me with a frown as if they had some type of hatred toward me or hatred toward humans of earth. They sealed off the main entrance of the craft and there was a plume of gas. I could see the other two aliens sitting at the main navigation deck where they were monitoring the air force jets coming in with weapons locked on radar. You could see on silver screens inside each of the USAF cockpits and hear them communicating to each other. For a moment I felt like we were going to be rescued and freed but that soon vanished. One of the alien reptilians became scared they were going to be shot down and wanted to leave earth. The other reptilian said “no” and received orders from the upper quarter deck not to engage the two USAF jets. Instead the two reptilians pulled out these silver flat remote devises. I could see long digital numbers like the mapping of a satellite trajectory. The aliens performed some type of program with the remote devises that took the craft through time travel some 40 minutes before the craft had been picked up by radar. When they did this I could still see the aliens monitoring the air force pilots. Apparently when the USAF jets came in to the UFO radar location, the craft disappeared off radar and could not be seen or located. The two jets scrambled and came in for a second look. They were unable to locate or fire on the alien starship so they flew back to base. Then aliens rolled out a small silver table and laid me on it. A tall reptilian looked over me and communicated to me telepathically not to be afraid and assured me everything was going to be ok. They put some type of blanket over me. I remember the feeling of being lifted up and back down. I awoke inside another abduction room laying on a table. There were alien greys in lab suits and a tall reptilian stood over me. They inserted my right lower calf with a large silver needle. The alien greys came from behind the table where they were working on my abduction and told the alien reptilian I was the wrong blood type for the experiment they were doing and that if they continued with the abduction they were afraid it would greatly harm me or kill me. The reptilian ordered the other aliens to continue with my abduction phase. I recall blacking out and coming to. I could see the tall reptilian wearing a strapped lazier devise to its head. Another lazier came down from the ceiling and intercepted with the other lazier the alien was wearing. The lazier cut into my stomach, I could feel a dull pain and tried rolling over my left side. I could see the lazier beams intercepting and going into some machines. I blacked out again. I could see rings of light like oras surrounding my body. Then all the sudden a angel appeared out of no where and stood on the opposite side of the table. It stood over the tall reptilian and ordered them to stop with their abductions on us and to return us all as they found us or they would be destroyed. The tall reptilian seemed in dismay. The angel left and the reptilian telepathically thinking said to itself, “I don’t know what you are but am going to find out…” like it was thinking I had a supernatural ability to produce the angel that boarded the craft. I awoke back in the middle deck sitting on the floor. My body felt heavy, limp, like jello and I could not stand up. The two reptilian navigation pilots glanced back at me and telepathically said, “what do you think of us now? You think we are evil don’t you?” I said to them “no” and they sparked a faint grin and smiled in dismay they could hardly believe I refused to believe they were evil. I jut accepted them like people or anyone else. Then I awoke back inside our car. I could see in back of us the UFO and through a window at close range a alien grey waving a friendly goodbye. I waved back to it. The UFO lit up and turned from a saucer disk shape object into a spherical orb. It shot straight up into the sky and arched into space where it disappeared in about 2 seconds flat! My mother awoke from a trance I shock and was still screaming. My father awoke soon after. The car started back up and we took off. I recall my father looking at the clock where there was missing time unaccounted for. My mother wanted to stop at the nearest gas station and use a payphone to call about the UFO. My father refused and thought the entire thing was some type of secret military experiment. Fearing he would loose his military career over it we all agreed to keep quiet. A few months went by, we were relocated to Pensacola Naval Air Base I Florida where the aliens again returned to us on base.

After we moved and settled onto Pensacola Naval Base a few months had passed. I recall watching a young man being interviewed by news reporters on TV where he came out and said he and his girlfriend were abducted by aliens. The young man cried out saying he knew there were others there and begged them/us to come forth. I felt sorry for him and wanted to come forth but in my family situation I could not. I remember having a series of alien contacts in my bedroom upstairs where a tall reptilian and another Nordic astronaut visited with me. In one of the visitations the tall reptilian talked to me telepathically saying how my life was worth nothing to it and I deserved to die. Then the Nordic astronaut appeared and told the reptilian to leave me alone. The reptilian alien left and disappeared. The contacts were like ghosts or apparitions of the aliens. It was as if they had a means of teleportation. After a few visits from the Nordic astronaut I told my mother about it. At first she thought I was just a kid with a strong imagination but when I kept talking about it she began to take me seriously and asked me to take her upstairs and show her where I saw the Nordic astronaut. She yelled out for the spaceman to go away and leave us alone but nothing appeared or happened. I called the Nordic astronaut “spaceman” because he was always dressed in a white NASA looking astronaut suit. He had blond hair and blue eyes about mid 20s. But there were no emblems or markings on his astronaut uniform. The spaceman told me he was my guide and protector and would keep the other aliens from harming me. A few more weeks went by where one early morning about 1:30 am I was standing downstairs in a dream or trance, I could see the alien greys walking inside coming through our walls. Some of them went upstairs. I blacked out like I was between sleep and being awake. We all awoke standing in a circle huddled together downstairs partly dressed and coming out of a trance. But we had been all upstairs sleeping and could not account for how we ended up downstairs huddled in a circle. I recall as I was coming out of the trance seeing the aliens exit out of the back door. The following day a newspaper article reported 2 UFO silver shaped disks flying over some tree tops located right next to our backyard where other witnesses saw the crafts and a picture was taken posted with the article. That’s when my father said enough, he decided to take everything we were experiencing to the highest military level he could and knew people high up in the military. At first he was afraid he would not be believed or taken seriously but when he talked to other military officials they took him very seriously and decided to conduct their own military investigation concerning out alien abduction account in Georgia in 1968. The military followed through and took their report to Washington D.C. In the military report tried to debunk the UFO incident as being one of their own TR-3 V shaped winged aircrafts. The military investigators told my father at that time they had 2 TR-3 crafts but the location of our incident could not be traced back to the TR-3s. One was in a bunker in Nevada Area 51, and the other had scheduled flight out to sea 100s of miles away from the UFO landing site in Georgia. The military investigation report to Washington D.C. concluded the craft we came in contact with was extraterrestrial but Washington D.C. insisted the UFO was a Russian reentry spy craft. The military was infuriated over the Washington report but was ordered to conduct military follow up investigations to see if Russia in fact did have such spy crafts or had involvements with extraterrestrials. The follow up reports and investigations on Russia concluded that Russia had no contact or involvement with extraterrestrials at that time. Washington D.C. still insisted Russia had a reentry spy craft and left the investigation disclosed as such saying there were no et ufos entering our nation. The leaders in Washington at the time refused to believe but the military knew different. The concluding report out of Washington D.C. had been botched! A couple weeks went by where my mother received a phone call from one of her high school friends out of Houston she went to school with. The friend of hers stated how she was a nurse who worked at Roswell hospital back in 1947 where a UFO crash site occurred. She told my mother a horrifying story about how the military brought in dead alien bodies recovered from the crash site and how when she entered one of the rooms one of the aliens came to life, got off the bed and tried to physically attack her. She explained to my mother how she screamed and two armed military guards came in the room and shot the alien dead. She was then escorted out of the hospital and told not to talk about what had happened. According to the nurse, the hospital was then locked down by military where no one was allowed in or out. The alien bodies were secretly removed and flown out to another location. My mother and her friend exchanged notes about our own UFO alien abduction encounters. The nurse explained to my mother she thought we were being invaded by something and was very afraid. She had to leave Roswell and lived in secrecy being afraid. About another month went by where one day we were visited by a group of UFO investigators who got access to interview us on base. I do not know how our story was leaked but it was. The UFO investigators were from Blue Book and very professional. They told my mother how the other citizen couple were reportedly abducted by the same UFO incident we were involved with and wanted to interview us. My mother got out two saucer dinner plated and put them together explaining the shape of the craft. A couple of investigators talked with me where I told them I saw the ets come out of the craft and take the couple. One investigator noticed a burn mark on my chest and quickly began to set up cameras to take photos. My father had gotten word on what was going on and came home early to chase out the UFO Blue Book investigators still trying to protect his military career. The investigators were told to leave the base and not come back. The Blue Book investigators followed through with the other couple to find they were admitted to a hospital and treated for wounds on their heads and bodies. The couple stuck to their story telling doctors they had been abducted by aliens. In the Blue Book investigation of this Georgia couple discovered the young man abduction victim tried to write the White House proclaiming that we were being invaded by what he described as “space monsters.” I his mind he thought he fought off the aliens and protected his girlfriend. But the investigators found out the couple was known for bar hopping and were alcoholics. The doctors thought the couple made the UFO incident up and had a fight with each other while they were drunk at home. So the Blue Book investigators concluded the Georgia abduction couple was discredited due to alcohol and the whole thing had been made up. They had become a laughing stock and embarrassment of their community where no one believed them. Today, my alien abduction encounter of 1968 in Georgia remains disclosed as a Russian spy craft and the other couple have mysteriously vanished off the face of earth presumed to be dead. When I found all this out I was mad and upset. But I also knew I had to keep secret or I might end up dead like the others who tried to come forth. So I kept quiet and promised myself I would find the aliens responsible and expose the truth to the world. I spent my life trying to find them and where they are from but to no avail. Years went by, my father retired and we moved to the state of Arkansas where in my 20s we were again revisited by the aliens and given revelations. – Celestian Falcon

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