First out of body experience

It has happened to me. I remember it. My first and only Out of Body experience that I’m positive of. I was a kid and it was near dawn. I could think and was fully aware. I even tried walking through a wall and I came to the kitchen. There I saw the maid was washing dishes slightly dancing and humming a latin song. I went to the garage but was afraid to go farther. Everything was as real as could be. I didn’t want to go beyond the house. And that was it. Now the most interesting thing is that when I told my maid later on that I saw her before dawn in the kitchen washing dishes and humming, this song and I tried to do the beat for her. She was amazed. She had no idea how I could have known that.

I don’t know if I believe this means there is an afterlife but I do think consciousness may not necessarily be localized and their may be so much more to ‘us’.

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